City Park 101

Published January 13th, 2021 by Book NOLA

Anyone who has ever been to City Park knows how massive it is, or at least you think you do! I don’t know how many times I have ventured to the park and only scratched the surface of all it has to offer. If this is your first time in NOLA and you have never been to the park, it is definitely worthwhile and I am here to provide you with a 101 guide to City Park.



Take in the scenic views of City Park while enjoying a meal made with vegetables from the on-site veggie garden. Acorn is located in the Children’s Museum and serves up delicious kid and family-friendly breakfast and lunch options to the masses. If it’s a nice day, grab a blanket and eat in the park instead!

-Cafe du Monde

What better way to start your morning or to end a day at City Park, than with some fresh, steaming beignets and hot cocoa!? Cafe du Monde is a staple New Orleans icon, made even better by the fact that you can enjoy it at the park after a long walk, or before getting your day started.



If museums and galleries sound like your kind of thing, then the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA), is the place for you and a worthwhile stop. Explore the over 40,000 curated objects that have called NOMA their home. 

-Sculpture Gardens

A great follow up to some of the warm beignets at Cafe du Monde, is a walk through the sculpture gardens. The garden is home to 90 sculptures crafted by world-renowned artists. It is also not a bad place for some Instagram content and a photo op.

Activities for Kids


Storyland is a wondrous playground featuring massive and masterful storybook sculptures. This recently renovated enchantment is the perfect escape for children and adults alike, with larger than life imagination and a grande sense of adventure.

-Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum is headquartered right in front of City Park. It is a fantastic location where children can have both an educational experience, as well as a fun time out exploring the 5 exhibit galleries.

-Carousel Gardens

Just a short ways away from Storyland are the carousel gardens. Enjoy this kid-friendly amusement park, with 17 rides crafted for ultimate family fun.

Outdoor Fun

-Boat Rides and Bike Rentals

One of the best parts of being in City Park is the ability to rent bikes and boats. There’s nothing like cruising down Bayou St. John on a sunny Saturday with a paddle boat rental or taking the kids on one of the swan boats. Tandem bikes, four-wheel surreys, and children's cruisers all available for some enjoyable exercise or a leisure ride through the expansive park.

-Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens are definitely a showstopper for those who enjoy nature and like to take casual strolls. The park is also home to the Couturie nature preserve. This preserve is quite expansive with several different trails to wonder. Get lost enjoying some of the best nature NOLA has to offer while keeping an eye out for exotic birds, and admiring the lake views.

-Bayou Oaks

The Bayou Oaks at City Park is an expansive full-service golf complex. This is the one public 36 hole golf course in New Orleans. The course grounds are also equipped with a full-service bar and restaurant that serve up classic NOLA dishes every day!

-City Putt

If full-on golf seems a bit too much for you and you want something more leisure and laidback, City Putt may be just what you need! City Putt is a mini-golf course that highlights themes of NOLA and cultural aspects. It’s family-friendly, or just a good date night out away from the city!

As you can see, City Park has a lot to offer and without a proper guide, it is easy to miss out on some of the amazing sights and amenities found there.

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