How Book Nola Supports the New Orleans Local Community

Published August 29th, 2020 by Book NOLA

Book NOLA: Supporting the New Orleans Local Community

Here at Book NOLA, we pride ourselves on being the kind of company that always helps out the local 504 community. Sadly, in the past few decades, especially after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has been overrun by large companies and mega corporations siphoning tourist dollars from small, local businesses. 

We decided that doing our part would not only help out the local community but would help us give our guests the most authentic New Orleans experience possible. 

Book Nola Partners with Local Homeowners

By managing the properties of local homeowners, we hope that New Orleans residents will be able to earn their fair share of the tourist market despite the increasing corporate domination of the industry. By partnering locally, we ensure that New Orleans homeowners are getting exposure for their beautiful houses and that some of those tourist dollars are going back into the pockets of the locals. 

Historic private homes, whether they be shotgun houses or duplexes, are an integral part of what makes New Orleans such a colorful and eclectic city. Partnering with local property owners ensures that our guests not only get to stay in gorgeous and amazingly unique homes but that they really get a feel for day-to-day life in New Orleans. 

Book Nola Teams up with Local Businesses

Book NOLA maintains partnerships with a host of local businesses around the city, including restaurants, breweries, tour companies, and retail shops. We feel that it’s crucial to nurture these partnerships. We love supporting the local community, and we want our guests to have the best possible experience when staying in our vacation rentals. To uncover the real New Orleans, travelers need to make friends with the people who live here. 

Only a long-time New Orleans resident will know the ins and out of this incredible city, which is why we partner with local tour companies like Tours by NOLA Locals. Their friendly guides can tell you not only the significance of a particular street but also recount the backstories and those little tidbits of history that a large company wouldn’t know. 

Of course, you can go to an expensive five-star restaurant while you’re here, but no place is going to introduce you to authentic Cajun and Creole cuisines like a local mom-and-pop establishment. We want our guests to enjoy all that New Orleans has to offer and really feel like one of the locals.

Book Nola Provides Living Wages for All Our Employees

We know that life can be challenging, and we aim to make things a little easier for our employees by providing salaries that allow them to live comfortably in the city they love. 

Michael Springer, the founder, and CEO of Book NOLA, has an extensive background in the New Orleans hospitality industry. After witnessing dedicated hotel employees working long hours for low wages, he decided that his company would be different. That company, which is now Book NOLA, ensures that every employee—from the directors to the cleaning staff—makes a respectable living wage. 

Book Nola has created over a dozen well-paid local jobs so far, and we’re proud to compensate our cleaning professionals three times more than major hotel chains pay their housekeepers.

Staying local and helping the people who make the Crescent City so special is the only option for us. We believe in the 504 community and hope that by uplifting everyone in New Orleans, we can create a better experience for our guests.

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