Living Wage Jobs and Supporting Locally

Published August 29th, 2020 by Book NOLA

Here at Book NOLA, we have always prided ourselves on being the kind of company that sourced and helped out locally. With New Orleans being such a tourist city, the city was being overrun with large companies and corporations taking alot of the business. 

We decided to help out locally, because only a real local will know the ends and outs of New Orleans, and we wanted to give our guests the most authentic experience possible. Which is why we:

-Partner with Local Homeowners: We manage the properties of local homeowners, in the hopes that they will be able to get a piece of the pie that big corporations have a large slice of, so to speak. By partnering locally, we ensure that New Orleans homeowners are getting exposure for their beautiful homes, and also that some of those tourist dollars are going back into the pockets of the locals. It’s no secret that part of what makes New Orleans so colorful and eclectic, are the houses, whether they be shotgun houses or duplexes. Partnering with local property owners, ensures that our guests not only get to stay in a beautiful and completely unique house, but that they really get a feel for what living in NOLA is like. Not to mention that the homes are great for a photo op!

-Partner with Local Businesses: Book NOLA has partnerships with several local businesses around the city. We felt that it was important to have these partnerships, not only because we love supporting locally, but also because we wanted our guests to have the best possible experience. Anyone can come to NOLA and go to the tourist traps and all of the stereotypical places found in a Google search (and we are definitely NOT knocking you for it!), but in order to uncover the real New Orleans, you need to get a little dirty. Only a local will know the ins and out of New Orleans, which is why we partner with local tour companies like Tours by NOLA, who can not only tell you the significance of a street, but also the back stories, and those little tidbits of history that a large company wouldn’t have knowledge of. Yea, you can go to a five star restaurant while you’re here, and you should, but no place is going to introduce you to real Cajun and creole cuisine like a local shop! We want our guests to enjoy all that New Orleans has to offer and really feel like one of the locals, which is why we also partner with local experience companies for swamp tours etc., and local breweries, for a real taste of NOLA.

-Provide Living Wages: We know that life is hard sometimes, and we aim not to make it any harder, by offering livable wages to our employees. Michael Springer, the founder and CEO of Book NOLA has an extensive background in hospitality. For several years, he worked in the hotel industry and saw day after day how employees would come into work everyday and work their butts off for a pittance of a salary. It was then that he decided that when he started his own company, which is now Book NOLA, that all of his employees, from the Directors, all the way down to the cleaning staff would make livable wages. Through our work, we have accomplished creating over a dozen local jobs with living wages, and we also compensate our cleaning professionals 3 times more than what major hotel chains pay their housekeepers!

With all things considered, staying local, and helping locally was the only option for us. We believe in community, and we believe that by uplifting everyone in the community, then we can create a better experience for our guests!

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