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Published June 3rd, 2020 by Book NOLA

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NOLA is known for it's night-life for sure, but when you're new in town, how are you going to know where to go?  Anyone can go to Bourbon Street...and by all means, so should you! If you're looking to mix things up a little and explore some night-life venues off the beaten path, then you'll enjoy the ones below. It's a healthy mix of your typical tourist place as well as some local favorites!

F&M’s: Ahh F&M’s. Located in the residential Uptown neighborhood, this bar is anything but the cozy backyard barbeque patio it claims to be. When night rolls around, this seeming small bar is transformed into a haven for students, musicians, and locals looking to lose themselves in music and drunken revelry. If loud music, grinding bodies, cramped toilets, pool table dancing, and some of the most deliciously greasy cheese fries, sounds like your type of place, then F&M’s is the place for you. 

Eiffel: Eiffel is the place you go when looking for a relatively relaxed, early evening with a couple of cocktails. High in contrast to F&M’s, Eiffel was built from the remaining bits of a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower and is an upscale club with Latin and hip-hop themed nights. While they are opened 7 days a week, they close early, so be sure to get there early to enjoy the drinks, art, and festive entrees. 

Jazz Market: Located in the Central city neighborhood, the New Orleans Jazz market is the only facility designed specifically for jazz. It was created to be a performing arts establishment and jazz community center for the local New Orleans neighborhood. The market seat 370 people, has a digital jazz archive, a fully serviced bar, and a 500 piece reading library. Additionally, it has hosted the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra and various other jazz artists. This market is definitely the place to be for superior music and all-around good vibes.

Frenchman Street: Frenchmen street is probably one of the most musical streets in the city. Taking a stroll down this avenue, you’re likely to hear a smorgasbord of live music varying from jazz, to blues, to reggaeton. It’s hard not to get swept up in the neon lights of the local clubs or the impromptu curbside performances. Frenchmen is a one-of-a-kind experience unique to New Orleans. 

  • Vaso: This casual, late-night lounge is just one of many littering Frenchmen Street. At Vaso, you can savor local eats like jambalaya, the Frenchmen pot (gumbo), and southern fried catfish, all while enjoying some soulful blues and fruity cocktails. Vaso is downright the place for an easy night out with a loved one or family members to soak in some of the beautiful music New Orleans is known for.
  • Snug Harbor: Frenchmen street is home to many several clubs and bars, but one of the most notable is Snug Harbor. Spread out over three rooms in a renovated 1800’s storefront, Snug has been dishing out some of the best live jazz music and local cooking.

Bourbon Street: Did you actually go to New Orleans if you didn’t stop down Bourbon Street at least once during your stay? No. The answer is no. Anyone can take a stroll down Bourbon street, and they do, which is why if you’re looking to get away from the packed bodies and sloshing drinks, what better place than a rooftop bar? Mambo’s is New Orleans’ first rooftop bar not owned by a hotel. The new bar boasts local Cajun favorites, panoramic views of NOLA, and a room that showcases artwork by local artists. Additionally, Mambo only seats 50 people on the roof, so you’re sure to be able to enjoy the feel of Bourbon Street without the crowd!

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