Why New Orleans is the Best Place to Visit Right Now

Published August 2nd, 2020 by Book NOLA

For the last few months things have been kind of crazy globally. The world has been forced to adapt and shift all ways of doing daily activities. People have had to stay home with minimal interaction for the safety of everyone.

While the initial wave of Covid 19 hit New Orleans pretty strong, this city has virtually managed to eradicate most cases of the virus from the city with thousands of people making a drastic recovery from the virus. And while cases in Louisiana itself have seen a rise, New Orleans is still amongst the cities with the lowest number of Covid cases in Louisiana.

The city most recently entered Phase 2 of reopening. Because several surrounding states have not yet eased or lifted their shelter in place order, New Orleans is still relatively empty. While we have seen some tourists start to flock, the city is still not at the capacity of tourists that it normally sees. This means:

-There is a less likely chance of contracting Covid. Additionally, most spaces (restaurants, grocery stores, etc.) are still requiring the use of masks, which aids in limiting the spread of the virus. Waiters and waitresses are wearing masks to serve food and are exchanging their gloves after each use to ensure a safe and clean environment.

- Lines to enter restaurants will be shorter. I don’t know about you all, but I have definitely NOT missed waiting in lines at restaurants...and for the time being, you won’t have to! Everyone is being spatially aware, especially in restaurants, which are staggering people and offering outdoor seating where possible. As mentioned previously, the number of tourists in the city are down at the moment which means that the tourists that are here are spread out amongst the many restaurants that NOLA has to offer...leaving shorter lines, so why not come!

-Visitors have more options as to where they can reside since they won’t be competing with tons of other guests for reservations at hotels and Airbnb’s. Additionally, you are bound to find some amazing rates on places to stay since property owners and hotels are competing with each other to get booked with the few tourists that are visiting. Along with having more options and getting a steal on pricing, the places you stay at are going to be even more cleanly due to Covid. I mean, obviously you should book with Book NOLA...especially since our cleaning procedures have been updated to reflect the new CDC guidelines, and we also have an amazing cleaning team...but the fact remains that the places you reside in will be more thoroughly cleaned as a precaution.

-Visitors will be able to leisurely walk the city and enjoy some of the main attractions without all of the hustle and bustle that usually comes with visiting a large tourist city. Have you ever seen New Orleans so empty? I have lived here for four years and I have never seen the city this empty. It is definitely refreshing and worthwhile to check out before things get busy again!

As I mentioned earlier, I know that this year has been a bit unorthodox and so many changes have had to be made in the daily life of everyone, but if you can, pop down to NOLA for the weekend and enjoy some of the peace while it lasts!

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